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Every household or commercial space has germs and bacteria in it, whether it’s hard to reach spots or your countertops. But what if it didn’t. It’s important to disinfect your house or office every once in a while, but it’s hard. The equipment is expensive, and it could take days for an untrained person to do. That’s where we come in, here at BSC we have it all sorted out, our team of professionals have been trained to know what exactly to look for and how to get the job as fast and efficiently possible.
We rely on non-caustic, non-corrosive cleaners that will completely sterilize your property and make it allergen-, mould- and germ-free. Whether you need help with your home, office or other commercial facilities, we warmly invite you to get in touch with us and let us know what your exact needs are. If you have small children, this is a must-have as it ensures a clean space for them to live and play around in.
We have the lasts and greatest in disinfection technology to make sure the job is done as best as it can. Think your house or office is in need of disinfection don’t wait just book a time and date on our website and we will be there with the latest cleaning systems to get the job done hassle-free.

Why Pick SBC for your next disinfection

Equipment for disinfection is expensive and hard to operate so why spend your time trying to find the cheapest lender for equipment and then spend time trying to learn how to use it when you can leave it up to the pros. We like to be very upfront with our customers so the fee you see is the fee you get, no hidden costs at all. Our team is here to make sure your happy and smiling that’s why we only use the best methods and tools for the job. We will have your home sparkling in no time so you can spend time enjoying the important things in life.

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