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Pro Carpet Cleaning

If your moving into a new house, moving into an office or even have carpets that haven’t been cleaned in ages were here for you. We offer a wide variety of carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions. We know how tough it is moving into a new place and not knowing what the carpet has been through. You see some stains on the carpet but what you should really be worried about is what you can’t see.
Months and months of food dropped onto the carpet, shoes stepping onto the carpet that could have been anywhere and even animal urine. Why risk it and have a filthy carpet in your home or office when you could leave it up to us. We have effective methods of removing dirt and stains from carpets, areas rugs and furniture that have proven themselves worthy many times. Whether you have a small area rug or thousands of square feet of carpet in a large office, we’re well equipped to properly clean and deodorize you’re your floor covering.
Couches, chairs, curtains? No problem, we can remove dirt, stains and odour quickly and effectively, just ask our many happy customers. Think your carpets, rugs, couches and chairs are in need of a clean don’t wait just book a time and date on our website and we will be there with the latest cleaning systems to get the job done hassle-free.

Why Pick SBC for your next carpet clean

We have made our pricing structure competitive so that every homeowner can afford professional carpet cleaning services. Instead of hiring equipment and trying to schedule a suitable time to clean your carpets at home just leave it up to us. Our team has multiple years of experience in the carpet cleaning business. We use only the most high-end and up to date equipment to make sure you get results every time.

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